Easy & Affordable
OER Courseware

We enable faculty and schools with the potential of OER in order to lower the cost of educational materials and provide equity and access to all students.  

panOpen is built to engage all learners and improve academic success. Start creating a more effective and sustainable learning experience today. 

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Tools for immersive learning

panOpen was built from the ground up to be available to students and faculty on nearly any device, with print materials available as well.  We have a library of high-quality, peer-reviewed course material that spans a wide range of subjects.

Highlight important text

Students can highlight important concepts for quick review.

Create and share notes

Private notes are a great study aid, while “class” notes enable communication amongst peers and with educators.

Check your understanding

With our interactive courses, students are given frequent in-line activities to enhance learning.

Watch videos

Every chapter in each of our interactive courses features videos curated by faculty and subject-matter experts.

Meets accessibility standards

Access to open materials for all is at the core of what we do.

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